Wurlitzer True Bypass FX Loop

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New: FX Loop for Warneck Research EP-200 & 200A Model amplifiers

For your effective enjoyment the latest upgrade to our Warneck Wurlitzer amplifiers!
The true bypassing effects loop! After numerous requests integrating effects loops into Wurlitzer pianos we embarked upon developing an intuitive solution devoid of EQ and volume loss,  Mission accomplished!

So- why true bypassing and whats different here? Most effects loops on amplifiers simply inject audio into the preamplifier signal chain and when removed these types of loops remain inline however closed by a switching jack. That design approach is perfectly fine for guitar amplifiers and many other audio devices however its not ideal for a Wurlitzer piano.  To maintain correct gain structure and preserve signal quality we’ve designed a “true bypassing” loop with a transparent buffer. When effects are connected our loop transfers signal completely lossless,  even with long cable runs or a gaggle of effects pedals.  With the TRS disconnected our loop will completely bypass itself from the pianos audio signal path as if it was not there at all.  These extra steps deliver perfect signal quality with or without the loop engaged.  To up the utility game and provide real world usable-flexible features for anyone in a studio environment to a live stage our loop has switchable level control. The selectable LINE or INSTRUMENT level loop control handles rack units (line level) or standard ¼” instrument level pedals seamlessly no signal loss, clipping or background noise.

The FX loop board includes a newly designed output board loaded with the same clean usable musical ¼” line output our Wurlitzer amplifiers are known for in additional to a single ¼” TRS effects insert.

We’ve also added 2 connection points to this board for accommodating a speaker kill switch. With the speakers off, the loop remains active and any effects would be sent out thru the pianos ¼” output.

Currently available as an add-on option for both the EP140, EP200, EP200A.
If you have one of our amplifiers loaded and would like this option installed, the amplifier would need to be sent into RetroLinear or an Authorized dealer/tech center (Installation requires soldering)

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