Warneck Research EP-200 Amplifier

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Warneck Research EP-200 Amplifier
Model compatibility: 200,203 & 206


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For over a decade professionals around the world have chosen Warneck Research Wurlitzer electronics for our rock solid performance and superlative tone.
Some of the artists using Warneck boards; Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Phish, Chuck Leavell, Lenny Kravitz, Benmont Tench, Adam MacDougall (Black Crowes), Chris Kilmore (Incubus), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Little Steven & the desciples of soul, Norah Jones, just to name a few!

Our Wurlitzer amplifier's faithfully maintain the soul and voice of your piano while eliminating all the fuss and headaches!
The EP-200 vibrato shape and sound is identical to the original 1:1. We've paid close attention to all the crucial details utilizing optical componentry for vibrato to deliver those familiar tones paired with a modernized power supply, proper circuit board layout with shielding yields a dead quiet piano.
Superlative signal to noise ratio, its so quiet you can max the volume and barely tell the pianos powered on..

Installation is easy , requires about 30-40 minutes, basic hand tools, a cold beverage and your done!  
For the DIY community; Complete technical support via email, phone is available free of charge..
In the simplest of terms  "we gotcha covered start to finish"

Beware imitations and silly 15 minute warranties!
All RetroLinear products are ran through extensive testing and quality control processes.
We're dedicated to manufacturing top quality products that deliver time and time again.

All Warneck Research amplifiers carry a liftime warranty,  all though we're proud of our flawless operational record!

Amplifier Features:
• Bullet-proof thru-hole component construction
• Descrete power amplifier overbuilt to operate indefinately-  no integrated power amp chips or class D switching.
• A usable 1/4" line-output that yields results not headaches.
• Self resetting protection circuitry - prevents damaging crucial components in the event of a dead short.
• Sufficient output gain to drive virtually any effect pedal, tube amp, powered speaker or record direct into your preferred D.A.W. (it's that quiet)
• Switchable line out control offers variable gain control via the volume control or sets the output drive to 100% which pairs nicely to drivevolume pedals and multiple effects units, in this mode the volume control will effect only the speakers.

Standard EP200 Kit includes:
• Amplifier board
• High quality aircraft grade aluminum reedbar shields
• Detailed step-by-step instructions w/ color wiring diagram

Looking for more musical flexability? Make it a 3 knob Wurly!

Expand your tonal possibilities with our signature VariVib variable speed vibrato! Features exact reproduction of the original style vibrato waveform with variable speed control (approximately 1Hz to 15Hz).
Produces that signature Wurlitzer vibrato to subtle pulsing to fluttery goodness!  Simple 3-wire installation, VariVib kit also includes a new 3 hole faceplate, extra knob and detailed installation instructions.
$199 stand alone or when bundled with any amp board purchase $160

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