Wurlitzer 200-200A Sustain Pedal

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New production Wurlitzer sustain pedal for all 200, 200A pianos. Can also be adapted to function with bracketed 140 style pianos.
Pedals are setup with internal grounding cable to cancel out static noise. Paint matched to the original ZolaTone style used by Wurlitzer.

Note: pedal will require adjustment as each pianos sustain mechanism maybe be adjusted differently.
The process involves screwing the sustain pedal into the piano tight, make sure the aluminum housing is seated flush, loosen the cable screws and make sure there's no slack with the sustain cable fully threaded in. 
This will ensure there is no slack and lost motion in the sustain pedal. Tighten the clamp screws and enjoy!  This process applies to ALL new Wurlitzer sustain pedals.

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