Warneck Research EP140X Amplifier

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This product is built to order, please allow 7-10 business days for assembly and shipment.

Our EP-140X amplifier replaces all internal electronics on Wurlitzer 140B, 140A, 145A,145B models. 
New chassis, transformer, wiring, the only component if you so choose to leave original would be the speaker.
The EP-140X does not alter that 140 sound at all, your piano will gain many new features stock 140 series pianos just don't have..

Amplifier Features:
• Optical vibrato circuit captures the essence of the 140 sound!
• Bullet-proof thru-hole component circuit-board construction
• Descrete power amplifier;  Overbuilt to operate indefinately.  No integrated Class "D" switching amplifiler chips.
• A usable, musical 1/4" line-output that yields results not headaches!
• Sufficient output gain to drive virtually any effect pedal, tube amp, powered speaker or record direct into your preferred D.A.W. (yep- it's that quiet)
• Switchable line out control: Variable gain control via the volume control or output drive to 100%.
   This feature is great for driving volume pedals and or multiple effects units. In "Fixed" mode the volume knob will only control the speaker level. In Variable mode the volume controls output gain and speaker vol simultaneously

Function Features:
• Traveling, Living abroad The 140X runs standard on 120VAC US or 200-240VAC power.
• Main power switch relocated to rear panel (reduces internal ac-wiring reducing operating noise)
• Standard IEC type power jack
• Rear access fuse
• Rear access speaker on/off kill-switch

Included accessories:
• New control harness with CTS potentiometers, shielded multi-core wiring.
• Mogami RCA reed-bar pickup cable
• Brown or Creme' bottle-cap knobs
• LED power indicator (Amber)

Last but not least, RetroLinear offers complete technical support.  We stand behind our products 100% and back that up with a Lifetime warranty!
Producing quality products is our mission.  if you have questions regarding installation or product features- we are more than happy to chat! Shoot an email to support@retrolinear.com


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