Rhodes isolation grommet kits

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New production Rhodes Isolation grommets:

• Piano Bass
(MK.1 ONLY - Not for 1960's Piano bass!)
• MK.II Stage 54
• All MK.I & MK.II Stage/Suitcase 73 pianos 1970-1984
• All MK.I & MK.II,Stage/Suitcase 88
• MK.V Rhodes

Available with or without hardware

1/12/24  INSTOCK!

One of the more tone-crucial Rhodes components are these harp isolation grommets.
These grommets are designed to eliminate sympathetic vibrations between notes while providing a mounting center for both suspension springs each tone-generator assembly rides on.  If your original grommets are cracked and split (as most do!) while playing, the tines can vibrate neighboring tines when not struck creating odd noises, and key-strikes will force the tine to mechanically walk off center of the pickup causing voicing inconsistency. These two side-effects negatively affect the overall voicing which ultimately makes for a not so great sounding Rhodes.

In spirit of “keeping the vibe and fixing the problem” our reproduction grommets geometrically match the shape of original Rhodes grommets identically! No mechanical changes have been made. RetroLinear grommets are injection molded from a high quality compounded neoprene which does'nt  de-form, crack or split like the originals do or cheap immitations..

"Hey What's the difference?"  we’re frequently asked this,  in the simplest of terms – there are many options for replacement grommets from off the shelf stuff to redesigns with softer compounds paired to custom size screws-  some claiming sustain improvements,  however the original design was beyond ample and its weak-point was material which failed over time! We’ve produced our grommets 1:1 of the originals and chosen a superior material to deliver exactly what you need nothing more, nothing less and no promises of magic beans.

Our screws are clones of the original 1970-1975 Rhodes shouldered screws, if your screws aren’t bent-   there is no need or benefit to swapping out the screws or washers..If you have bent screws which is somewhat a common thing, you will run into some challenges getting your tines centered up to the pickups.
If your piano has a bunch of bent screws we do advise doing the complete kit.

Made in the U.S.A.

DEALER & Bulk pricing is available! Please contact us for more details.


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