Delco 020725 Rhodes Power Transistors

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Pair (2) Delco GM 020725 Germanium power transistors.

Delco GM 020725 Germanium power transistors for Peterson 4 Pin Rhodes suitcase amplifiers.
These are quite rare, more so than hens teeth!  Sold in pairs.  Tested and verified operational.
>>No warranty or guarantee  •  sold strictly as-is  •  all sales final  • no exchanges!

Important info: Peterson equipped Rhodes pianos require a complete electronic rebuild!
The age of components and drift from spec are the reason.

A full rebuild entails replacing capacitors, trimmers, biasing both amplifiers, reflowing connection points.
This rebuild procedure applies to both amplifier cards, the entire power supply module inside the suitcase cabinet and peterson preamplifier itself.
If your cabinet has popped a transistor, chances are there are other underlying issues causing the transistor fault.

Due to the specific requirements for operation on the peterson system  we cannot offer any guarantee on these transistors.Each Transistor is properly tested and will operate as intended, this much we can guarantee. If the deduction that your amp failure is based around a transistor alone-  your likely to pop the replacement if the above refurb work has not been performed.. We are sharing this info in the simplest of terms to ensure you get your instrument operational and not waste time, or hard to find parts!!!! Lastly there are no shortcuts for the peterson rebuild.

If your not sure whats really going on, shoot us an email - we'll gladly try to assist.

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