Pratt-Read Synthesizer Keybed Bushings

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Pratt-Read Synthesizer Keybed Bushings

It would be inaccurate to call these "reproduction" key-bushings as they're manufactured using the original Pratt-Read bushing mold!  Brand new and we have a nice hoard of them however once these are gone thats it! Our photo shows these completely dry however we do ship all bushings properly lubricated with the correct type lube. Produced from a very durable and stable compound which does not get gummy like the originals. These are not the usual Pratt-Read bushings seen elsewhere! Sold as singles and sets for keybeds.

If your rebuilding your Hohner clavinet C,D6,E7 these work great with a simple modification of snipping the up-stop tabs down (providing proper key travel)

If you want the devine feel on your MiniMoog, Oberheim etc - give these a shot.


We also have original NiChrome J-Wire listed soon!

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