PeterPanner MK1B

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PeterPanner MK1B

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“PeterPanner” is the result of nearly two years research and development to design a truly unique Rhodes preamplifier capable of producing every flavor of eq voicing (Peterson, Janus and Dyno) paired with that signature suitcase vibrato we all adore!  The end result is a simple yet elegant design offering up unparalleled tonal flexibility with a vibrato sound very faithful to the original suitcase Rhodes sound.

Just like our Wurlitzer amplifiers the PeterPanner utilizes modern design practices to ensure layers of noise reduction yielding the lowest noise floor and best signal to noise ratio possible along with high reliability. The main pcb is reinforced mechanically at multiple points and utilizes chassis mount pots, sliders and switches – we set out to build a tank of a preamp, mission accomplished!

PeterPanner is a truly unique circuit not a reissue or adaptation of what’s been done!

PP-MK1B is a direct drop-in replacement for the Rhodes Janus preamplifier.
It runs on 15V +/-, compatible with all MK.I & MK.II Janus equiped rhodes, also MK.II Era stage pianos.

Available with Stainless steel lased faceplate or Black anodized aluminum faceplate.

MK1B for Janus equipped Rhodes is available for presale now-  shipping in the next 4-6 weeks (possibly sooner!)
The PeterPanner MK1A peterson version will be released later this year!

Have a listen!

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