MuPower Mutron III Supply

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Running a vintage Mutron III just got a whole lot easier!
After years of repairing countless amounts of Mutron III pedals and endless requests to make them easier to use with modern rigs;   we’ve listened!  
The “MuPower” direct mounts in-place of the original 3 prong power adapter making powering up as simple as any standard pedal of today..
Mupower runs on the industry standard;  2.1mm 9Vdc center negative so any 9VDC adapter (with the correct polarity) or Voodoo Labs, Strymon, Cioks, MXR, power supplies will now power your Mutron III without special splitter cables or modifications to the circuit.
Extremely low current consumption less than 50mA.  We’ve also integrated robust filtering to block out any potential power supply or unwanted line noise. Installation takes about 15-20 minutes using basic hand tools (screwdriver, wire stripper/cutter).

Compatible with original Musitronics Mutron III pedals only.
(HAZ Mutron III+ require 24VDC adapaters)

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