MK.I & MK.II Schaller Tines

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Fender Rhodes and Rhodes MK.I Singer Tines for pianos 1976-1977

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Original production MK.I & MK.II Schaller Tines for post 1977 Rhodes.
These have been pulled from our stock of parts pianos and each tine is fully tested for attack, sustain and decay.  They match your originals perfectly because they're original! 

no rust or cavities on tine,  tine block may have plating wear.
Available with or without tone-bar, and mounting hardware

Please note: Quantity is limited to 3 tines per order.
When ordering please specify key number. Being as these tines are original pulls from parts pianos we cannot supply large quantities of uncut zero or full length bass tines. If you require additional quantities or please contact us directly.

Important tine tidbits
Not all tine's are interchangeable! Fender and CBS musical instrument corp utilized four companies to manufacture tines throughout production, Raymac, Torrington, Singer and Schaller. All though one tine basically looks the same as another each tine has a dimensional difference in taper.  As the Rhodes piano evolved to improve performance the dimensional standards were changed across the board on many action related parts ie: tines, hammers, hammer tips. 

• Raymac: pre 1971
• Torrington: 71-76
• Singer: 76-77
• Schaller Late: 1977-end of production

Understanding strike-line
Each make of tine has an optimal strike point which is matched to your Rhodes piano hammer action.
When struck in the optimal location tines sustain and decay musically, notes ring out, there are no anomalous sounds or notes which sound choked.  Harps with mismatched tines likely have attack, sustain-decay issues which can be very difficult, costly and frustrating to resolve. 

Hey 1976 Rhodes owners - in-case you don't know!

Rhodes from 1976 almost always have a mixture of Torrington and Singer tines which have different strike points. These '76 came from the factory this way, '76 was a transitional year for Rhodes so there are some setup hurdles to overcome due to parts inconsistency.

If your piano has some notes which don't sustain or bark that might trick you into thinking the problems related to a bad tine when in reality it could just be the wrong type installed.

So-    is it dud or a mismatch?
In the event your Rhodes has a hodge-podge of tines you might notice some notes perform better than others.  Shifting the harp location front to back may positively affect the performance of one note but may negatively affect another.  This is likely an indication your Rhodes has a mismatched tine(s) installed.   If the performance doesn't improve by shifting the harp location, the tine is likely a dud or its simply deformed and worn out.

Decoding when your Rhodes was manufactured
A four digit date stamp is generally located on most Rhodes harps in Red or Black ink.
It might read 3474 which would be the 34th week of 1974, if your pianos missing this stamp, we'll gladly assist you in selecting the correct replacement parts.


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