3.5" Fender Rhodes Pickup

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3.5" shank size pickup for early production MKI & MKIA 1970-73 Fender (tm) Rhodes pianos.  These are the larger bobbin red coil pickups with longer magnet slugs.
Each pickup has been individually tested, cleaned and ready to complete your restoration. Typical output measures around 175-190Ω ea.
Note; these pickups have been snipped from our parts-pianos to minimize heating of the coils- this was done to give the next installer a better chance for success!

To minimize melting the coil bobbin, a temperature controlled soldering iron should be used. Set your temperature to 400°F / 205°C
63/37 mix solder is ideal for this installation.  Solder as quickly as possible to minimize overheating of the coil.

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