Green Fender Rhodes Pickups

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Green sparkle-top era pre-MK.I pickup coils.

You're now wondering " what the_____ or how??? and why!?" - to ease your angst; firstly we didn't do this!  Someone a long time ago loaded a Wurlitzer 200 up with these Rhodes pickups, why? no idea..
Each pickup was creatively mounted onto the Wurlitzers damper arms, the sustain pedal faded volume in and out..... Suprisingly it did work (sort of!).
These Green-coils electronically are pefectly fine and also in great shape physically.   You can easy pop the old metal mounting tab from a dead Rhodes pickup and install these as an original replacement part.

To minimize melting the coil bobbin, a temperature controlled soldering iron should be used. Set your temperature to 400°F / 205°C
63/37 mix solder is ideal for this installation.  Solder as quickly as possible to minimize overheating of the coil.

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