Our Crew

From Left to Right: Amanda, Larry, Gordon, Tim, Marlena, Mike, Karl

Mission Statement


"To provide our clients with professional, detailed, and reliable equipment repairs, restorations services, and products. Our work will enable our clients to reach their full creative and artistic potential."

The distinctive throb and wail of a Leslie speaker paired with a Hammond B3; the simultaneous bite and sweetness that pours from the tines of a Rhodes at your touch; the snap of a fast envelope and smooth twist of a knob that brings out the edgy, exquisite tone of a Moog synthesizer - a modern digital keyboard just can't replicate the audio, tactile, and overall sensual experience of the originals. We believe that quality instruments allow musicians to reach their full artistic potential and that the sound, feel, and response of an authentically restored vintage instrument will inspire creativity.

There is a lot of pride and joy attached to owning pieces of music history. The sound, look, feel, and quality are second to none. At Retrolinear, we insure that your equipment will be able to deliver the same kind of quality performance it did decades ago -- day after day, gig after gig. There are few people that have the expertise to restore or repair such equipment correctly, and fewer still who actually understand how the equipment works. We leverage our engineering experience and musical ear to provide the very best sounding equipment that is also highly reliable. Musicians need to know that when they flip the switch, their equipment will provide them with the sound and performance they expect. We make that a reality at RetroLinear.

Tim Warneck, President

I've always had a knack for tinkering & tweaking till its perfect.
(Tim Warneck, founder of RetroLinear)

Tim is a musician and an engineer. As an analog circuit engineer, he understands nuances of the analog sound at a fundamental level few other technicians can match. Prior to founding RetroLinear, he worked for 15 years as an analog circuit designer in the semiconductor industry, and has one patent pending. He holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where he graduated with honors. Vintage electronic keyboards have been his passion from an early age - both restoring them and playing them. He currently plays in two rock bands, and has extensive classical experience as well. Tim brings his expertise with the analog circuitry and his ear for music together in the craft he practices at RetroLinear.